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First we want to give a shout out to our longtime (but not old) friend, editor, and occasional blog contributor April Kirkendoll. She's a marine biologist and aquaculture specialist who has written three books. Her latest even uses some of Nancy's imagesannounced. You can find out more at her web site,

Brian Rapoza, another good friend, former colleague, fieldtrip coordinator for Tropical Audubon Society, and our go-to birding expert has written an excellent book, "Birding Florida", that even uses three of our photographs. To check out the book, go to

(We have a small offer for those who have these books. See "New Offer", the last section in blog post Nancy's Photos Are In Book About Bees.)

Sandra from Brenham, Texas, a recent visitor to this page told me about a great site that her students discovered while doing Internet research about birdwatching for kids: Birding For Kids Resource Guide. It has links to several sites with good information about different aspects of the hobby.

The mother of young science researcher Kara Boyd sent me a couple of Kara's favorite findings. I liked Official Birds of the United States (although we think the Florida scrub jay should be our state bird).

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When contributing to various causes, there are a lot of horror stories that make you wonder if your hard-earned money is really going to the right place. We get important information about a prospective charity from Charity Navigator. Another resource is CharityWatch.


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